District Plans

Board of Education

District Goals


1: Student Achievement and Engagement

Goal: To provide a range of opportunities that engage and inspire all students and allow them to reach their maximum potential.

2: Community Engagement and Involvement

Goal:To provide communication methods and engagement programs to all our stakeholders and families that will offer educational and involvement opportunities.

3: Health and Wellness

Goal: To promote student and staff wellness through programs, activities, and access to supportive resources.

4: Facilities / Finance

Goal: Maximize all funding resources to enable the district to provide and support a safe and engaging learning environment.


1) Empower and inspire professional staff by facilitating dialogue with administration in order to develop and promote best practices and support and encourage innovation. 

2) Enhance the educational program through:

a.  The addition of a humanities discipline to the HS academies;

b.  The addition of student internships to the High School Program;

c. The improvement of vertical articulation across grade levels.

3) Enhance our technology initiative by:

a.  Creating and implementing performance measures developed by a joint teacher/administrative task force to ensure effective district-wide usage of technology in instruction,

b.   A seamless transition for a one to one IPAD initiative at the intermediate levels;

c.   Educating students on the responsible use of technology, with an emphasis on appropriate and respectful behavior on social and electronic media platforms.

4.  Strengthen school safety and security by:

a.  Physical and facility improvements;

b.   Supporting the expansion of mental health services;

c.   The addition of safety officers at all schools.

5)   Promote a culture of wellness and trust in the district by:

a.   Building rapport between faculty and students;

b.   Providing Professional Development in the area Emotional Intelligence;

c.   Improving community outreach and engagement.


1.  Educate:  The Board will increase its level of knowledge related to issues and topics affecting public education in our community by continuing monthly Saturday work sessions to study texts related to education and to receive and review District updates.  Specifically, the Board will schedule additional training in the areas of Finance, Communications and Board Operations.  The Board will also schedule a minimum of 2 updates on the District’s progress towards the goals articulated in the Balanced Scorecard.

2.  Communicate:  The Board will improve communication:
With the Community by actively seeking Community feedback on the District’s progress, goals and philosophy.
With the Government by establishing an ongoing dialogue with local, state and federal governing bodies on issues affecting public education.
With local businesses, groups and organizations by seeking to promote partnerships that can benefit the education of our children.
By its members through increased Liaison attendance at school events, activities and meetings, and increased Board member presence at District events and activities.

3.  Unite:  The Board will continue to foster unity throughout our diverse Community by supporting established Board initiatives, such as Piscataway READS, continuing to grow new initiatives, such as PiscatawayREADS, continuing to grow new initiatives, such as  YOU…I…WE Inspire, and encouraging participation in activities that bring all parts of our Community together as a whole.

4.  Inspire:  The Board will actively seek to promote a culture of inspiration throughout our District and among our Board.  The Board will begin the process of crafting a District Mission Statement reflecting our desire to promote this culture of inspiration.