Affirmative Action Information

Piscataway Township Schools                          Personnel Office

In accordance with Federal Title IX,State Title VI regulations, the Piscataway Township Schools policies and procedures and Affirmative Action Plans, the Board of Education is required to publicize the following information.

Dr. Frank Ranelli

Arbor: Maria Balint

Children's Corner: Lisa Schrob

Eisenhower:  Sara Shapiro

Grandview: Maria Balint

Knollwood: Sarah Rutstein

M.L. King: 
 Kimberly Blanshaft

 Rajvi Kamdar

Conackamack: Dr. Maria Cetta 

Quibbletown: Andrew Kehoe

Schor:  Kathryn Garcia

 Joi Fisher




Potentialcomplainants are encouraged to discuss their complaint or grievance with theparty(ies) directly involved or affected to resolve the complaint. If such anattempt fails to resolve the matter, the following process shall be followed:

1.                  The complainant should seek the assistance of an administrator ofAffirmative Action Officer (AAO). A meeting will be held as soon as possible.

2.                  Following the meeting with the complainant, the administrator orAAO hearing the complaint will notify the complainant’s supervisor unless (s)heis the accused.

3.                  The administrator or AAO will initiate a written record of thecomplaint. The completed record will be signed by the complainant and held in aseparate, confidential file. A copy will be given to the complainant.

4.                  The administrator or AAO will contact the accused party andapprise him/her of the complaint. A meeting will be held as soon as possible.The name of the complainant and a description of the complaint will be sharedwith the accused. The accused will have an opportunity to respond to thecomplaint. Following receipt of the accused’s written response, a decision willbe made by the administrator or AAO as to the validity of the complaint and/orwhether the investigation should proceed or be closed for lack of credibleevidence. The administrator or AAO’s findings would be recorded. Thecomplainant and the accused will receive a copy of the report.

5.                  If an investigation is deemed necessary, it may include, but notbe limited to, interviewing witnesses, verifying facts, and requiring swornstatements. A written summary of the investigation and findings of theadministrator or AAO will be shared with the complainant, the accused, and theSuperintendent.

6.                  Having reviewed the report, the Superintendent shall determine ifadditional action, including discipline, is warranted.

7.                  The disposition of completed reports will be determined by thefindings. When a complaint is found to be without cause, all official reportswill be destroyed by the Superintendent. However, when there is sufficientevidence to determine cause and when cause is determined to exist, the reportswill be kept in a confidential file. Filed reports shall be kept for theduration of a person’s employment. No material shall be shared with the Boardof Education unless the disciplinary action chosen by the Superintendentrequires Board action.

8.                  The procedures will be executed expeditiously, not to exceedthirty (30) workdays.




The following policies areincluded in the district’s policy manual available in each school building andcentral office.

                        Policy 2224 –Affirmative Action Programs for employment.

                                Policy6121– Affirmative Action Programs for school & classroom practices.