Zoe Scotto

Zoe Scotto

Member Since 2021
Term Expires 2024
Email: [email protected]

Committees: Curriculum & Programs

School Liaison: Randolphville Elementary School, Children's Corner Preschool, Piscataway High School 

Zoe Scotto is a nineteen-year-old Piscataway High School Class of 2020 graduate who served as the Student Representative to the Piscataway Board of Education from 2018-2020.

During her high school career, Zoe was heavily involved with the arts programs at PHS. She has held the position of Band President while having a strong presence in Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band, as well as being involved in the orchestra, choir, and theatre programs. She was also Co-Chair of National English Honor Society (NEHS), an organization offered at PHS that promotes literacy in the school and community. Additionally, through the PHS Writers Guild, she published her own work in their 2020 book, “Captured and Released." Outside of school, Zoe works as a Camp/Remote-Learning Counselor at Piscataway’s Community Center.

While serving as Student Representative, Zoe understood the value of the voice of the student body and Piscataway youth. She believes the well-being and input of students should be the top priority of the Board and community as a whole to ensure not only that they are safe, but that they are being advocated for. The determination, strength, and forward-thinking awareness of the student body and young people around her inspired Zoe to run for the Board, so their questions, comments, concerns, and inputs never go unheard. She hopes to be the spokeswoman for young people as a young person herself, offering new and fresh perspectives to the Board and ensuring that the decisions made are always in the best interest of the student body.

Zoe is currently a Rutgers University — New Brunswick student, anticipating a path as an English and Theatre Arts double major from the School of Arts and Sciences. In her free time, Zoe enjoys dancing, singing, film, theatre, writing, and spending time with her friends and family.