Acceptable Use Policy & Consent Agreement

Student Acceptable Use Policy and Signature Agreement 

The Internet as an integral part of our curriculum.
 It is the student’s responsibility to access information specifically related to curriculum goals and objectives and to use that information appropriately. Piscataway Township educators will provide guidance and instruction to the students in the appropriate use of such resources. Student and parent signatures indicate knowledge of the rules and provisions for using the Internet and district technology facilities. 

Permission to Photograph Form

Piscataway Township Schools wants to celebrate and share good news and student events throughout the district. During the school year, the students of Piscataway Township Schools may be photographed or videotaped while participating in school activities including concerts, plays, sports and other programs.

In order for us to produce programming that includes your son/daughter, please complete and sign the photo permission form, which grants us permission to identify, photograph, and/or videotape your son/daughter while he/she is participating in school activities.