Common Core Corner

Common Core Standard Language

In 2010 the New Jersey Department of Educationadopted the Common Core State Standards (CCS) in English Language Arts (ELA) andMathematics.  In 2015 the Common Core State Standards will be assessed in ELA and Mathematics using the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment for Readiness for College and Career) assessment. 

Piscataway Township Schools has been working on understanding and implementing the CCSS in classrooms since they were adopted. New district curriculums were adopted aligned to the CCSS.  District assessments, learning targets, Universal Screeners, Quarterlies, Mid-Terms and Finals in ELA and Mathematics were aligned to the CCSS. Standards-based report cards were implemented in grades 1-5.

New resources for teachers, after piloting in classrooms, were funded by the Board of Education.  Teachers experienced professional learning to understand and implement the CCSS and adapt instruction.  The district piloted the PARCC assessment in randomly selected classrooms in 2014. 

This section of the district web site will provide further resources for parents/guardians about the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC assessment.

If you have a specific question regarding the CCSS or PARCC, please send to with CCSS or PARCC as Subject.  To view the CCSS ELA standards, click here. To view the CCSS Mathematic standards, please click here.