December 2016 Message

December 2016

To the Families and Staff of Piscataway,

As I write this, news broadcasts focus on refugees, immigrants, and unrest at home and abroad.  We wonder if the social progress our country has made will be derailed by new leadership in Washington, DC.

At the same time, we are reminded that this is the season of joy, peace, and hope.  How do we reconcile these emotions?  Will the future be as dark as these December evenings?

For me, the answer can be found in the promise that our students, teachers, and staff bring to the world each day.  I often brag that the legacy belonging to children raised in Piscataway is that they respect and, indeed, welcome differences. Differences in class, race, ability, religion, gender preference, and culture. 

At a very young age, our students learn to live alongside others whose experiences and opinions may be different from their own, but they understand that all people must be heard and included.  Our children learn that no race or religion has a monopoly on bad behavior.

Not many school districts offer this kind of education.  As I walk school hallways, I am continually impressed at the easy friendships that our young people form, how quickly they speak up for injustice, and how children with very little themselves are taught to assist those less fortunate. 

I am confident that Piscataway’s students will bring hope and joy to a fractured world.  Our national stage needs voices like theirs.

In the meantime, find peace and magic and a little extra time with your loved ones this season.  You all deserve a break with hot chocolate and homemade cookies.

Fond regards and many blessings,

Teresa M.  Rafferty