Athletic Staff Contact Information

Athletic Director
Robert Harmer - [email protected]

Assistant Athletic Director

Julia Schick Myatt - [email protected]
Athletic Secretary
Linda Pagano - [email protected]

Strength and Conditioning Coach:
Jamie Marsh:  [email protected] (Summer, Winter and Spring session)
Mike Awad:  [email protected] (Fall session)
Athletic Trainers
Chris Krefski- [email protected]
Shannon Ruegger- [email protected]

High School Athletics


Head Coach:  Dan Higgins- [email protected]
Damon Pleasant- [email protected]
Robert Uhrin- [email protected]
James Marsh - [email protected]
AJ Cook - [email protected]
Craig Lowery [email protected]
Mike Szymonowicz - [email protected]
Rashon Cooper - [email protected]

Boys Cross Country
Head Coach:  Pete Buccino- [email protected]

Girls Cross Country
Head Coach:  Ashwin Anantharaman - [email protected]

Boys Soccer
Head Coach:  Dave Hilgert- [email protected]
Ray Horne- [email protected]
Michael Howlin - [email protected]
Michael Jasper - [email protected]
Girls Soccer
Head Coach:  Jen Vroman- [email protected]
Scott Marshall - [email protected]
Field Hockey
Head Coach:  Cynthia Botett- [email protected]
Heather Seeney:  [email protected]
Samantha Adams: [email protected]

Head Coach:  Noelle Hartje - [email protected]
Jessica Emmons - j[email protected]
Tennis- Girls
Head Coach: Chris Puder - [email protected]
Toni Tassio -[email protected]
Fall Cheerleading
Head Coach Zakiyah Riddick - [email protected]
Sarah Benn - [email protected]
Imani McEarchern - [email protected]

Girls Volleyball
Head Coach:  Brian Tuskan- [email protected]
Amarfi Herrera - [email protected]

Strength & Conditioning 
Mike Awad - [email protected]

Boys Basketball
Head Coach:  Darius Griffin:  [email protected]
Mike Jasper:  [email protected]
Ron Livingston: [email protected]
Loroine McKnight: [email protected]
Girls Basketball
Head Coach:  Chris Puder:  [email protected]
Dre'Shonda Williams - [email protected]
Jennifer Marrazo:  [email protected]
Jeffrey Conway:  [email protected]

Head Coach:  Daniel Smith: [email protected]
Anthony Hrabar: [email protected]
Mike Awad: [email protected]
Boys and Girls Swimming
Head Coach:  Noelle Hartje - [email protected]
Brian Tuskan: [email protected]

Boys and Girls Bowling
Head Coach: Toni Tassio - [email protected]
Boys and Girls Winter Track
Head Coach Boys:  Pete Buccino- [email protected]
James Boyd:  [email protected] 
Head Coach Girls:  Ashwin Anantharaman-[email protected]
Camisha Pierson: [email protected]
Winter Cheerleading 
Zakiyah Riddick - [email protected]g
Laura Taylor - [email protected]

Strength & Conditioning
James Marsh - [email protected]


Head Coach - Rob Stoddard - [email protected]
Kyle Dunich - [email protected]
Michael Jasper - [email protected]
Jeffrey Conway - [email protected]

Head Coach -  Lauren Scinto- [email protected]
Kristie Crilley - [email protected]
Jessica Whritenour - [email protected]
DreShonda Williams - [email protected]

Boys Spring Track
Head Coach -  Pete Buccino- [email protected]
Jonathan Buggey- [email protected]
James-Edwards Boyd - [email protected]
Loroine McKnight - [email protected]

Girls Spring Track
Head Coach-Ashwin Anantharaman-[email protected]
Cindy Botett-[email protected]
Zakiyah Riddick - [email protected]
Camisha Pierson-[email protected]


Boys Tennis
Head Coach:  Dana Strafer - [email protected]

Boys Volleyball
Head Coach: 
Dritan Lazemetaj - [email protected]
Brian Tuskan - [email protected]
Raymond Horne - [email protected]

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