Strategic Planning

Piscataway Township School District Strategic Planning Goals

1: Student Achievement and Engagement

Goal: To provide a range of opportunities that engage and inspire all students and allow them to reach their maximum potential.


• Promote / Recognition of quality of district’s education

• Improve academics to include: Blue Ribbon certification across district, community partnerships, tech integration, student volunteerism and internships, recognizing different levels of achievement

• Implement programs, curricular workshops on civility, pride in community (Piscataway and history)


2: Community Engagement and Involvement

Goal: To provide communication methods and engagement programs to all our stakeholders and families that will offer educational and involvement opportunities.


• Develop volunteer opportunities

• Increase family engagement (open programs to all members of the family)

• Market district to community and beyond

• Establish partnerships with local businesses and civic organizations


3: Health and Wellness

Goal: To promote student and staff wellness through programs, activities, and access to supportive resources.


 To provide students with the understanding and skills to navigate technology and social media in a positive, responsible manner

• To create an environment of mindfulness and civility throughout the district

• To equip staff and students with the skills they need to cope with emotional stressors and societal changes

• To foster health, nutrition, and physical fitness

• To create an environment of acceptance of and appreciation for cultural, economic and social differences

4: Facilities / Finance

Goal: Maximize all funding resources to enable the district to provide and support a safe and engaging learning environment.


• Security – Create a learning environment in which ALL students feel safe and welcomed

• Technology – Provide a cutting edge learning environment for all learners

• Competitive salaries and support – Maintain a salary structure and support system to attract and retain the best possible staff, reflecting the diversity of our student population

• Program Sustainability – Maintain programs that positively impact students and the Piscataway community

Next Steps

The Superintendent / Administrative Team will develop action plans to implement the vision and goals developed in the 3D Strategic Plan. The action plans will include:

1. The actions necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives

2. Select measures for accountability

3. Resources required

4. A timeline for implementation

5. Indicators of success

Thank you to all of the participants who gave of their time, energy and talents to contribute to the strategic plan for the Piscataway Township School District!