Anti-Bullying Specialists

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Each school in Piscataway Township School District has a School Safety Team and an Anti-Bullying Specialist responsible for overseeing implementation of the District’s Anti-Bullying Policy. Contact information for each school’s Anti-Bullying Specialist and the District's Anti-Bullying Coordinator is provided below.


District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

David B. Rubin, Esq.

(732) 572-2289 Ext. 2524

[email protected]


 Arbor Intermediate Amy McLaughlin  732-752-8652 [email protected] 
 Children’s Corner Harry Vanderburg   732-981-4430 [email protected] 
 Conackamack Middle Esteban Mena
 732-699-1577 [email protected]
 Eisenhower Elementary Sara Haarburger   732-752-1801 [email protected] 
 Grandview Elementary Maria Balint   732-752-2501 [email protected] 
 King Intermediate Nicholas Kaiafas   732-699-1563 [email protected]
 Knollwood Elementary Dr. Sarah Aboudara   732-885-1528 [email protected]
 Piscataway High School Diana Nehrebecki
 732-981-0700 [email protected] 
 Quibbletown Middle Alexandra Minsinger   732-752-0444 [email protected]
 Randolphville Elementary Claudia Emmanuel  732-699-1573 [email protected] 
 Schor Middle Uma Patel   732-752-4457 [email protected] 
 Administration Building Agnes Kaminski
 732-572-2289 [email protected]