Cenergistic Energy Conservation Partnership

The Piscataway School District has partnered with the Cenergistic Energy Company to implement an energy conservation program.

Energy Specialist Alisia Quaccoo is working with the Piscataway Facilities Team to identify and fix mechanical issues that drive up building utility costs. After conducting over 140 school building audits to date, this team is resolving energy issues in ways that will maintain and improve building comfort, while generating savings for Piscataway Public Schools.  

The Energy Program is focusing on organizational and behavioral changes towards the achievement of specific goals which include:

  • Maintaining and improving comfort in facilities;

  • Generating cost savings to fund more important priorities;

  • Creating a culture of sustainability that permeates through the communities and constituents you serve; and

  • Increasing awareness to empower energy users to be energy savers.

With assistance from all staff and students as Energy Savers, we can reduce energy consumption and generate savings to Piscataway Public Schools.  

Further information about Cenergistic and our Energy program can be directed to:

Alisia Quaccoo

Energy Specialist

Piscataway School District

[email protected]

732-572-2289, ext. 2525


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