School-based counseling

hand in hand graphicPiscataway Schools believes that wellness and mental health are critical to academic success, and that social emotional learning must be included in all students’ overall education.

We are here to help!

Every school has a counseling office offering dedicated mental health assistance, supported by other professionals, including behaviorists, social workers, and nursing staff. All schools offer wellness and mental health supports, and social emotional skill development. Contact your school counselor if your child is experiencing any of the following difficulties and we will direct you to services and resources.
• Difficulty with Peer Relationships • Family Conflict • Difficulty with Schoolwork • Self-Esteem/Identity Difficulties • Managing Mental Health • Discipline Problems • Loss/Grief • Bullying • Drug or Alcohol Abuse • Depression • Anxiety • Stress • Suicidal Thoughts • Eating Disorders • Truancy • Opposition or Aggression • Homelessness • Difficulty Adjusting to New School • Any Social, Emotional, or Behavioral Concern

Counseling, support, and Haven services

• Academic and Personal Guidance • Peer Relationship Support • Conflict Resolution • Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support • Mental Health Screenings • Social Emotional Learning Programs • Parent Workshops • Family Collaboration • Peer Mentoring and Groups • Grief Counseling • Substance Abuse Counseling • Crisis Intervention • Mindfulness • Yoga • Referrals to Community Mental Health Resources • Crisis Intervention

Piscataway High School

The Piscataway High School Counseling Department addresses three important areas for all students: Academic, Social Emotional, and College and Career Readiness. Working with The Haven, an outpatient mental health clinic located within PHS and staffed through a partnership with the Rutgers University Center for Applied Psychology, PHS offers support and guidance for students experiencing mental health difficulties.
• Individual and Small Group Counseling • Family Counseling • Walk-In Counseling • Crisis Management • Support and Prevention for Substance Abuse • Virtual Screenings/Referrals • Parent Workshops • Mental Health Resource Library • School-Wide Wellness Activities • Student Wellness Groups • Grade Level Success Meetings

Shirley Aviles
732-981-0700 x2027
Patricia Brewster
732-981-0700 x2237
Rick Brown
732-981-0700 x2226
Nicole Duarte
732-981-0700 x2228
Jill Fraticelli
732-981-0700 x2450
Mark Kiang
732-981-0700 x2234
Nicole Martelli
732-981-0700 x2236
Shar-Mekka Pernell
732-981-0700 x2238 
Rodney West
732-981-0700 x2227
Brian Wischusen
732-981-0700 x2224

Kelly Chilakos,
College & Career

732-981-0700 x2038

The Haven
Dr. Patrick Connelly, Director
732-981-0700 x2250 [email protected]

Prek-8 wellness and mental health focus

Social Emotional Learning is a primary focus in our PreK-8 schools. Counselors, behaviorists, social workers, psychologists, and teachers work together to help children develop healthy habits, identify feelings, and address emotions.

Middle schools

• Building Self-Awareness • Relationship Skills • Character Education • Peer Mentoring • Support and Prevention for Substance Abuse • Individual and Small Group Counseling • Wellness Clubs • School-Wide Wellness Activities
Dr. Kelvin Rogers
732-699-1577 x5116
Esteban Mena 
732-699-1577 x5117
Uma Patel
732-752-4457 x5216
Nancy Arvizzigno
732-752-4457 x5215
Mawiyah Husbands
732-752-0444 x5316
Alexandra Minsinger
732-752-0444 x5359
Catherine Sotolongo
732-752-0444 x5315

Prek-5 schools

• Character Education • Individual and Small Group Counseling • Respect Programs Focus on Positive School Climate • “Lunch Bunch” Support • Self-Regulation • School-Wide Wellness Activities

Children’s Corner Preschool
Social Worker Elizabeth Colon
Social Worker Alyssa Deignan
Community Parent Involvement Specialist Harry Vanderburg
Sara Haarburger
732-752-1801 X5648
Maria Balint
732-752-2501 x5757
Dr. Sara Aboudara
732-885-1528 x5822
Dr. Claudia Emmanual-Freno
732-699-1573 x5904
Amy McLaughlin
732-752-8652 X 5556
M.L. King
Nicholas Kaiafas
732-699-1563 x5461

All counselors’ email addresses are their first initial and last name, followed by