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   Struggling Reader 

Here are some first steps parents can use to help struggling readers:

  • Read with your child; parents might read books just above his/her instructional level and books that would interest the child.  Let your child read to you (books on his/her independent level).  The more the child practices, hears and sees of reading the more quickly the child will move forward.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher and your child’s school’s support specialist.  They will give a parent strategies and a home reading plan for the child.  They will also have book suggestions for the child. 
  • Read more with your child.  If the parent loves reading and reads, the odds are much greater that the child will as well.

Informative Sites for Parents and/or Guardians on Struggling Readers:
US Department of Education - Tips for parents and young readers.
- Reading Foundation - Tips for parents and young readers. 
- Great Schools - Tips for parents and young readers. 
- University of Minnesota - Tips for parents and young readers.
- Scholastic Book Wizard - This free site locates books at your child’s level. 



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 Parent's Guide to Internet Safety: 
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