Achieve NJ: Teacher Evaluation

Measuring Effectiveness


For your professional consideration:

  • What are important elements of measuring effectiveness for learning and student achievement?
  • How does curriculum and program impact learning?
  • How do elements of instruction impact learning?
  • How does feedback impact learning?
  • What impact does teacher clarity have on instruction?
  • How is bias controlled when measuring effectiveness?
  • How do data measures improve learning?
  • What other questions need to be asked?


Thoughts of other professionals:


“A commitment to professional learning is important, not because teaching is of poor quality and must be 'fixed', but rather because teaching is so hard that we can always improve it. No matter how good a lesson is, we can always make it better.  Just as in other professions, every teacher has the responsibility to be involved in a career-long quest to improve practice.”                                                                    Charlotte Danielson


“We know that great teaching matters more than anything else within a school; more than class size; more than school funding; more than technology.  Many say, “You know it when you see it.”  But what does great teaching actually look like? Every teacher knows that preparing students for success takes passion, dedication and skill.  We are attempting to break down and measure those qualities so that other teachers can learn from those who do it.”              
                      METS Project                                                            


“We know that teachers teach best when they understand what’s expected of them, know how best to reach their goals, and feel assured that no single, snapshot measure will determine the course of their careers.  That and improving the likelihood of success for our students is what measures of effective teaching is all about. “                                    
                     Joel Klein, Former Chancellor NYC DOE


“The only way we’re going to get excellence in public education is to teach our way there.  We need to be able to define and measure what makes great teaching.”                        
                     Peter Gorman, Superintendent Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


“Great teaching is the most important in-school factor in determining student achievement.  It is critical that we provide our teachers with the feedback and coaching they need to master this very challenging profession and become great teachers.  We all need to look at multiple sources of information to understand and better our teachers’ strengths and development areas so we can provide the most targeted and useful professional learning. “   

                    Thomas Boasberg, Superintendent, Denver Public Schools


“Teaching is complex, and great practice takes, time, passion, high-quality materials, and tailored feedback designed to help each teacher continuously grow and improve.  Teachers have always wanted better feedback that allows them to take control of their own development.  The combination of those measures and student growth data creates actionable information that teachers can trust. “   

                   Vicki Phillips, Director of Education, College Ready, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


"One good teacher outweighs a ton of books."
                   Chinese Proverb